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 Enabling fast, affordable, simple bacterial testing

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Enabling simple,
affordable, bacterial testing

How WaterScope works


WaterScope is developing a rapid, easy-to-use, affordable test for bacterial contamination.

Our technology uses optics to identify bacterial contamination early and our novel cartridge makes testing extremely simple, not dependent on user skillset or resource availability.

Quantitative results of disease bacteria 

E. coli and coliforms



The Problem

Contaminated drinking water affects a tenth of the world’s population

Bacterial contamination is estimated to cause over 500,000 diarrhoeal related deaths globally each year, this is over 2000 every day


Most people live in low-resource areas

current testing systems are slow, expensive and complex

Faster, simpler testing systems that can identify disease bacteria can help to prevent the spread of infection 

Automatic data collection and upload allows for almost real-time mapping of water sources around the globe


Our Partners

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