13/06/16 Waterscope launch event Centre for Global Equality, Emmanuel Church Centre, Trumpington St, Cambridge. Waterscope Launch Event. Waterscope Team l-r: Richard Bowman, Ben Trigg, Alex Patto, Tianheng Zhao (c), Nalin Patel. Pic: Vikki Lince

About us


WaterScope was founded by a group of academics from Cambridge University in 2015, with one mission: to empower the bottom billion to secure clean water.


Currently, one in ten people lack access to safe drinking water, and waterborne diseases from bacterial pathogens result in over 2.2 million deaths per year.


Part of the reason is that water testing kits are typically time-consuming, require power, and cannot be used by scientifically unskilled workers. As a consequence, water quality databases lack up-to-date, accurate test results.


At WaterScope, we aim to change that with a fast and inexpensive water testing method that quantifies waterborne bacteria, on site, within 1-2 hours.


We're in a unique position to reach that goal because the team is comprised of biologists, physicists, material scientists and others, each of whom contributes essential skills and knowledge to the project.


Meet the team behind WaterScope.