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  • MozFest 2017
    I’m excited to announce that we’ll be showing off the OpenFlexure Microscope at MozFest 2017, in the Youth Zone.  Come and find Richard there on Saturday morning to build, hack, and play with an open source digital microscope.  An hour isn’t very long, so it will be a pretty […]
  • Goodbye bent paperclip!
    Goodbye bent paperclip!   There are a couple of steps that people consistently struggle with when assembling the microscope, for good reason; they’re pretty tricky.  Number one on the list has to be hooking in the elastic band – I’ve spent many hours myself jiggling around […]
  • What magnification is it?
    What magnification is it? The number one question I get asked when I show people the microscope for the first time is “what’s the magnification?” – and as anyone who’s asked me this will tell you, the answer’s not entirely straightforward.  Microscopes are often […]
  • First Cam Field Test – 5th July 2016
    First Cam Field Test – 5th July 2016 It’s always an exciting day when you take your prototype into ‘the field’ for the first time. Although things may be working well in the lab, you never quite know what will happen when you take them into the real world!   We had decided that it was time for […]
  • Using “proper” microscope optics with the OpenFlexure Microscope
    Using “proper” microscope optics with the OpenFlexure Microscope A commonly-asked question when I speak to people about the microscope is “can it do X?” for various different values of X.  Often my answer is that, while the basic model I’m showing you here can’t, […]