One in ten people in the world do not have access to clean water.

WaterScope wants to change this.

We’re overcoming global water inequality by breaking barriers to reliable bacterial testing.

Smart, simple water testing - for all.

The Problem

Globally, water-borne bacterial infections lead to half a million diarrhoeal-related deaths each year—more than 2,000 deaths every day. This is more than malaria and HIV-related deaths combined. 

Testing water supplies for bacterial presence is therefore crucial, especially in remote and low-resource communities. Unfortunately, current water testing equipment is bulky, expensive, and slow to deliver results.

Our Solution

To tackle this problem, WaterScope® has developed an innovative water testing system, enabling inclusive access to smart, easy-to-use, and reliable testing for bacterial presence in drinking water.

Using robust materials and machine learning technology which automatically counts bacterial colonies such as E.coli, the testing system can be used anywhere—from the lab to the field—and can identify presence of coliforms in 8 hours, with fully quantitative result provided in 21 hours.


Our Technology


WaterScope® is refining the ISO 9308-1 approved membrane filtration method. Our motorised pump uses vacuum filtration to draw water through a metal cartridge, collecting a sample on a padded membrane where the bacteria will grow.


The sample is incubated inside the testing kit for 8 to 21 hours. A built-in microscope and our machine learning algorithm then automatically identify and count E. coli and other coliforms in the water supply.


An optional embedded IoT module in each testing system uploads the sample data to our WaterScope app and dashboard, allowing for digital dissemination and analysis of water quality anywhere in the world.

User-Centred Design

We believe in a bottom-up approach, encouraging communities in low- and middle-income countries to test their water autonomously, allowing for education, job creation, inclusive participation and community development.

Our user-centred design is simple—from sample collection to data processing—and can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.


WaterScope supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 6 is to "ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all."

WaterScope® wants to play our part in this global initiative.

Our Partners

WaterScope is proud to work with NGOs, governments, and corporate partners to share and spread its impact around the world.

Horizon 2020
Co-funded by the European Union programme Horizon 2020