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 Enabling fast, affordable, simple bacterial testing

One in ten people in the world do not have access to clean water

Globally, water-born bacterial infections lead to over 500,000 diarrhoeal related deaths each year, which is over 2000 deaths every day (more than malaria and HIV combined). Current water testing equipment is bulky, expensive and takes at least a day to give results.

WaterScope has developed an inexpensive, rapid water testing microscope capable of identifying bacterial presence in water in less than six hours – four times faster than current tests available. The technology is easy to use away from laboratories and does not require the end user to be highly trained.

Our Vision 

WaterScope's vision is to empower communities to test their own drinking water to ultimately reduce water inequality.

By mobilising local partnerships and educating communities in water quality, we aim to democratise water testing and create sustainable impact in communities world-wide.

Our technology allows up-to-date, high quality data to be available to governments for effective intervention, planning and decision making. Our approach allows for job creation and community-led advocacy for water monitoring at a local level.

This means that water quality intervention strategies can be improved to provide everyone access to safe drinking water, saving lives, empowering communities and contributing to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal Six - Clean Water and Sanitation for all.


Our technology

WaterScope's technology uses a microscope to identify early stage bacterial contamination. Our user-centred design is simple from sample collection to data processing and can be used by anyone, anywhere.

A motorised pump uses vacuum filtration to collect samples quickly and easily, and a disposable cartridge collects and grows bacteria. Our system incubates the sample and uses machine learning to identify and count E. coli and coliforms in the water supply. The data is then automatically uploaded to our app which visualises the results.

Our system is low-cost, needs no internet connection and no phone signal to automatically digitise and disseminate results for real time intervention.

Our Partners

Horizon 2020
Co-funded by the European Union programme Horizon 2020