13/06/16 Waterscope launch event
Centre for Global Equality, Emmanuel Church Centre, Trumpington St, Cambridge.  Waterscope Launch Event. Waterscope Team l-r: Richard Bowman, Ben Trigg, Alex Patto, Tianheng Zhao (c), Nalin Patel. 
Pic: Vikki Lince
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Our mission

Our mission is to secure clean water to empower the bottom billion of the world's population.

Who we are

WaterScope, which was founded in 2015, is a not-for-profit impact-defined company based in Cambridge.

We formed after participating in the Centre for Global Equality Development i-Teams programme, a project that involved an interdisciplinary group of academics investigating the cost of effective methods for testing water quality in the developing world.

Since then, we have gone on to win awards and funding to develop and refine our technology and create social impact with our fast and inexpensive water testing methods.  By 2021, we aim to be a self-sustaining business working internationally to bring safe drinking water to rural and urban settings in developing countries. 

Our founding team is comprised of biologists, physicists, material scientists and engineers, which means that each unique skill-sets contributes different perspectives to achieve our goal.

Meet the team behind WaterScope.


We are very proud to have been awarded a series of grants, prizes and awards in recent years from the likes of Cambridge University, as well as receiving acknowledgements from organisations such as Cambridge TV, Fast Company and Labiotech.

The team