HIF Evidence WASH

Comparative Evidence of meeting HIF’s WASH Criteria

August 2018

Working in accordance with HIF's (Humanitarian Innovation Fund) comprehensive criteria and Unicef’s Target Product Profiles (TPP) , this project allows for WaterScope to identify key development decision points and therefore, benchmark the technology’s sensitivity and speed. The project uses simple pass/fail grading on usability, efficiency, cost and efficacy to determine the achievement of UNICEF’s TPP.

The project used quantifiable evidence of the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of the product comparative to water quality diagnostics to test the operation of the system in the field, identify user pain-points and to evaluate the usability of the system. This was supported by controlled laboratory bacterial testing (Prof Mark Holmes, University of Cambridge) against the UNICEF gold standard. Field testing has included discussions with 10 end-users of varying backgrounds and environments, comparing the portable field lab system with the current UNICEF operation.

Successfully aligning with the criteria outlined by HIF has allowed WaterScope to legitimise and validate the technology. Through the commercialisation of the technology, we will be able to further expand into government and external water testing companies and therefore highlighting the commercial potential of the technology.