MozFest 2017

I’m excited to announce that we’ll be showing off the OpenFlexure Microscope at MozFest 2017, in the Youth Zone.  Come and find Richard there on Saturday morning to build, hack, and play with an open source digital microscope.  An hour isn’t very long, so it will be a pretty hectic session – but it’s always fun to share the joys of microscopy with new people, and to get folk tinkering with some code that controls the hardware!

The OpenFlexure Microscope started as a curiosity project, built because I wasn’t sure whether it was possible.  Several years later, it has a bunch of people working on it, it’s been replicated around the world, and I’m showing it off at MozFest!  One of my dreams is that this sort of hardware will be used in schools – printed and assembled in tech studies, programmed in computing, and then used for physics and biology experiments.  Testing out the microscope (and just as importantly, the build instructions) at MozFest will be an interesting learning experience for me – that’s how the assembly process has been refined so far.

So, I’ll be heading to London this weekend for some open-source fun – pop in if you’re in town.  I know I’m in the Youth Zone, but I’m sure adults are welcome too!