Our Work

WaterScope is based in Cambridge, England, and has worked in Tanzania, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Bangladesh, Colombia, South Africa, Switzerland, and the US.

Our goal is to use the water testing system all over the world.

Blog posts


October 2023

WaterScope’s Presence at AidEx 2023 in Geneva


June 2023

Participatory development in Ethiopia


December 2022

Monitoring the River Cam


May 2022

Extensive field trial in South Sudan and Kenya


March 2021

Using our System to Mitigate Antimicrobial Resistance

Remote Field Testing

September 2020

Remote Field Testing in Ethiopia, Tanzania & South Africa

WaterScope_Innovate UK_GCRF

June 2020

Achieving UNICEF's TPP using Human Centred Design


September 2019

Field Testing in India

Malaria Diagnostic WaterScope Cholera

May 2019

WaterScope as a tool for diagnostics: Cholera and Malaria

King’s College Entrepreneurship

February 2019

King’s College Entrepreneurship

HIF Evidence WASH

August 2018

Comparative Evidence of meeting HIF’s WASH Criteria

13/06/16 Waterscope launch event
Centre for Global Equality, Emmanuel Church Centre, Trumpington St, Cambridge.  Waterscope Launch Event. Waterscope Team l-r: Richard Bowman, Ben Trigg, Alex Patto, Tianheng Zhao (c), Nalin Patel. 
Pic: Vikki Lince

March 2018

Becoming an RAE Enterprise Fellow: Dr Alexander Patto


April 2016

Field Testing for a Robust System