WaterScope Portable Kit – Basic


WaterScope is a rapid, simple, digital, bacterial testing kit for drinking water allowing anyone to conduct a test in any location



Key features and benefits

  • Easy-to-use metal cartridge
  • 5 E.coli sample cartridges
  • Follows ISO 9308-1
  • Relative risk level after 8 hours
  • Fully quantitative after 24 hours
  • Automatic colony counting
  • Android App + web dashboard
  • 8 kg with all consumables
  • Complies with IATA carriage rules

Lab in a box

The WaterScope system is low-cost, light, easily transportable (<6 kg), and can be easily operated making it ideal for use in low and middle-income countries. The system features a patented cartridge technology, which allows for testing to be completed without knowledge in aseptic methods. The system follows the ISO 9308-1 standard and uses conventional method of using a membrane to filter the water to isolate the bacteria, and adding nutrient media to allow bacteria to grow.

Automated sample analysis

By using high resolution microscopy and image recognition software, the system can identify and bacterial colonies. Automated counting and identification removes dependent skill sets of personnel making the test faster and more effective than current systems which use personnel to identify bacterial colonies by eye.

Data dissemination and connectivity

The data from the system is uploaded automatically to our dashboard for mapping and intervention, ensuring that the integrity of the water test results is maintained throughout all stages of the process. The dashboard allows institutions/governments/NGOs to monitor tests in particular areas, assign responsible people to take action and manage their assets.