WaterScope’s Presence at AidEx 2023 in Geneva


October 2023

At WaterScope, we are driven by our commitment to ensuring access to safe, clean drinking water for all. Our recent participation in the AidEx 2023 conference, held on October 25th and 26th in Geneva, was a testament to this commitment. The event was an enriching experience, filled with opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting with key players in the humanitarian and aid sectors.

Engaging with a Global Audience

One of the most exciting aspects of AidEx 2023 was our opportunity to demonstrate the WaterScope system to a global audience. We interacted with over 100 individuals, ranging from experienced professionals in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector to enthusiastic students embarking on their journey in this critical field. The response to our system was incredibly positive, with many impressed by its user-friendliness, digital integration, and compact size – a marked advantage over other existing solutions. This feedback is not just encouraging but also validates our efforts in making water testing more accessible and efficient.

Insightful Experiment: Water Bottle Contamination Testing

In a revealing initiative, we conducted an experiment at AidEx by testing the reusable water bottles of conference participants for bacterial contamination. Out of the 15 bottles tested, it was concerning to discover that 3 (20%) contained coliform bacteria , and 1 was even found to have E.coli contamination (see photo above) - meaning that the water from these bottles would have not passed WHO's water quality guidelines. This was a startling revelation, especially since most attendees admitted to seldom washing their bottles. While most bottles were initially clean after a 24-hour incubation period, all bottles showed signs of mold and non-coliform bacterial growth after 48 hours. This experiment not only highlighted the importance of regular water bottle washing but also showcased the efficacy and necessity of our WaterScope system in everyday scenarios.

Forging Ahead with New Partnerships

The interactions and engagements at AidEx 2023 have paved the way for future collaborations and the global deployment of our system. The event was a platform for us to align our goals with those of various stakeholders in the humanitarian sector, opening up avenues for impactful partnerships. We are excited about the possibilities these new connections bring and are looking forward to seeing our systems being used in diverse contexts around the world.

A Step Forward in Our Mission

Our participation in AidEx 2023 was more than just an opportunity to showcase our technology; it was a reaffirmation of our mission and values. The experience underscored the urgent need for accessible water testing and the significant role WaterScope can play in addressing this global challenge. We are grateful for the support, feedback, and engagement from all who joined us at AidEx, contributing to our journey towards a world where clean water is a reality for everyone.

If you did not get the chance to speak to us at AidEx 2023, feel free to reach out info@waterscope.org and we would be happy to discuss water quality monitoring with you.